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Jumpstart Lab is a small team passionate about technical education.

  • Jeff Casimir

    I started teaching in 2003 with Teach for America in my native Washington, DC. I first taught middle-school students, then taught Computer Science to high schoolers, and finally helped start a new charter middle school in a role most easily described as “Vice Principal.”

    I love teaching developers because you are giving people the power to build their dreams.

    Areas of Expertise: Ruby, Rails, Testing, jQuery

  • Susannah Compton

    I'm an information obsessed Capricorn who moved to Washington, DC in 2006 to do communications analysis for the Government Accountability Office. Six years later I was invited to join the Jumpstart Lab team. I love being part of a company that is changing the face of education as we know it.

  • Katrina Owen

    I accidentally became a developer while pursuing a degree in molecular biology. I get a real kick out of finding ways of explaining technical subjects in simple terms. When programming, my focus is on automation, workflow optimization, and refactoring. Each week I have the great fortune to talk to smart and interesting people on the RubyRogues podcast.

    Areas of Expertise: Ruby, Rails, Testing, PHP

  • Jorge Téllez

    I am a professional daydreamer who loves beautiful products. My experience includes product development, public-private partnerships, communications and design. I discovered Ruby and Rails through JumpstartLab, and fell in love.

    Now I work for them.

    Areas of Expertise: Ruby, Rails, Product Development


When needed, our core team is extended with outstanding developers.

  • Nick Gauthier

    At Johns Hopkins University I received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science as well as a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I taught Tae Kwon Do for a few years while also learning Ruby on Rails, doing web consulting. This unique combination of credentials qualifies me for training actual Rails Ninjas.

    Areas of Expertise: Ruby, Rails, Backbone.js, JavaScript, Tae Kwon Do

  • Steve Klabnik

    I started programming games in GW-BASIC when I was seven years old, but I've come a long way since then! I love teaching, because I had to figure it out all myself. My work on Hackety Hack has helped me reach tens of thousands of kids, and get them excited to code.

    Outside of teaching, I do lots of work in the Open Source community; I have commit bit to Rails, and maintain dozens of gems with millions of installations, like Resque, Draper, and ActiveModel::Serializers.

    Areas of Expertise: Ruby, Rails, Testing, C, Open Source, Agile

  • Franklin Webber

    A college teaching assistant told me once that I was a great software developer and a terrible computer scientist. That meant the software I wrote cared more for the user experience then the size of it’s Big O Notation. My professional experience comes from a testing background where I sought to automate myself out of a job. Bringing me in to software development where I became the resident generalist who was always willing to step up to learn technologies. By far it has been my empathy which has helped me the most in being able to communicate and teach to peers and students.

    Areas of Expertise: Ruby, Cucumber, iOS


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    RuPy 2013

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