Heroku Performance Workshop @ RailsConf

Back in the day, conference evenings were about writing code. While we all can enjoy an open bar here and there, we’ve partnered up with Heroku to do something a little different this Wednesday at RailsConf.

Instructional Sessions

We’re running an evening session after the conference day ends. Starting at 7pm and running about two hours, Katrina Owen and I will guide you through three short, hands-on workshops building your skills and understandings towards making your Heroku applications fast.

  1. Understanding Heroku’s architecture and what it means for your application
  2. Optimizing database usage to reduce N+1 queries and lookup times
  3. Why and how to use Rails' new fragment caching tools (“Russian-Doll Caching”)

Hack-a-thon / Contest

Then, after the instructional sessions, we’ll open it up for a hack-a-thon / contest. You’ll start with a small sample application, a performance test suite, then work to apply the techniques we’ve discussed to improve the runtime of the performance suite.

While we anticipate the experience and practice will be worthwhile on their own, we’ve also got achievement prizes from Heroku, Jumpstart Lab, and our friends at RailsCasts and CodeClimate.


If you’ll join us in person, grab your ticket on Tito.io.

Live Stream

But maybe you won’t make it to Portland for RailsConf. No problem: we’re going to live-stream the event at http://live.jumpstartlab.com and you can still participate in the contest.


Last, if you’re an experienced developer, we’d love your help in the room answering questions or pairing with participants. We’ll also have a chatroom setup for both local and remote participants, so it’s possible you can support people remotely.

Please ping jeff@jumpstartlab.com if you’re planning to help and/or just show up!

Heroku Training

This workshop is part of our training partnership with Heroku. We offer a week-long Professional Heroku training class to teach you how to take maximum advantage of the platform.

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