Parade - Version 0.10

Parade is presentation software powered by Sinatra with slides written in Markdown. Parade 0.10 brings with it better support for mobile devices and quite a few common slide formats.

Parade is a fork of Scott Chacon’s Showoff. The work I started was initially to address two of it’s shortcomings:

  • Lack of GitHub Flavored Markdown
  • Static HTML and PDF generation did not inline images and styles

Along the way a number of other remarkable features were added:

  • Easy support for themes and plugins
  • Better presentation support for smaller form-factor devices
  • More default slide formats

My work up until this point has been a labor of love that I have mostly endured alone. That was until two of our gSchool students Geoff, @gschork and Laura @AdventureSteady joined the cause.

GSchool students dedicate Friday afternoons to Open Source. As you might imagine it is hard for new developers to contribute to open source. The greatest hurdle is not their lack of understanding of the language or the libraries, it is that most projects fail to surface their minor bugs, small features and documentation needs.

As a library maintainer it is often easier for me to implement a solution then for me to outline all the issues that I think should be addressed. It was a definite struggle as I opened issues for some things that would have taken me less time to code, commit and push.

However, my primary goal is not to deliver a software product full of features and free of bugs. It is to engage with the community of developers in our classroom and on GitHub; for all of us to learn and grow together.

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