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One of the most common questions we get asked is “do you offer online classes?” Finally the answer is “Yes!”

Today we’re opening an online version of our Introduction to JavaScript course. In the class you’ll focus on fundamental JS concepts then layer on jQuery.

If you want to stop copying & pasting your way through JavaScript programming, this is the course for you.

15 years ago, JavaScript was the butt of programming jokes. But AJAX techniques out of applications like Google Maps started a renaissance for the language. It’s now popping up everywhere from front-end libraries (like D3.js) to server-side applications (Node.js) and even databases (MongoDB). JavaScript is the only lanugage that can, for web applications, run on your front-end, server, and database.

But it’s so often misunderstood and misused. Most JS code is a complete mess. Because of that long history of being an afterthought, so many developers just use Google or StackOverflow to find some snippet similar to what they want to do. That’s not programming.

In this course, Nick Gauthier will start you at the fundamentals so you understand how and why things work. Once you’re starting to feel comfortable with JS, you’ll add on jQuery to do easy interaction with the DOM and asyncronously fetch data from the server.

The Introduction to JavaScript course will take place in three-hour sessions across four days 4/29 through 5/2. A second session is scheduled for 6/3 through 6/6.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a private class for your team, email us at

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