Working with Heroku

Today we’re excited to announce a new course: Professional Heroku.

I remember when Heroku first launched: an IDE that ran completely in your browser. It was awesome, ridiculous, and short-lived. But, in one of the better executed pivots our community has seen, Heroku has emerged as a fantastic hosting solution.

We’ve always made significant use of Heroku’s platform in our training programs. It’s quick, easy, and free – what more could you ask for?


After Heroku was aquired by SalesForce a few years ago, we started to deepen our relationship. As some of SalesForce’s large enterprise consultancies wanted to start working with Ruby on Heroku, they needed help updating their skills. That’s where we stepped in.

We have run beginner, intermediate, and advanced Ruby courses for Heroku clients, helping them take advantage of Ruby and Rails. But we never really focused on Heroku itself, until now.

Today we’re announcing a new class, Professional Heroku, that we’re super excited about. Heroku gets developers hooked with the ease of provisioning and launching an app.

But there’s so much more to the platform. It is a really fantastic way to serve, track, and maintain professional quality applications. This course is setup to, in our normal hands-on fashion, teach you the ins-and-outs of deployment on Heroku.

Hop over to the Professional Heroku course page for all the details. Email us if you have questions or would like to book a class.

And, lastly, we’re looking to create similar partnerships with other great services/products in the Ruby and JavaScript worlds. If you’d like to talk, reach out.

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