Katrina Owen Joins Jumpstart Lab

Katrina Owen

We’re constantly looking for excellent developers that are also passionate, effective instructors. That’s an incredibly rare combination.

When I met Katrina Owen at Frozen Rails last year, I instantly knew she was the kind of person we needed.

As Katrina and I had lunch we were just chatting. I figured there was no way to get her to join Jumpstart Lab. She was living and working in Oslo, Norway, and I assumed she was an EU citizen. Getting work visas in the US is so difficult and expensive right now, it’s basically out of the question for a small company like us.

But as we talked about our backgrounds she mentioned growing up in Hawaii and Alaska. “Are you a US citizen?” I asked. “I have dual citizenship in the US and Norway,” she said. My instant thought was “!!!*@&@&!!!!!”.

Now, months later, I’m excited to welcome her to our team. Katrina is in the process of relocating from Oslo to Denver and will join us day-to-day at gSchool. She’ll also hit the road to teach private classes as well as speak at many technical conferences.

The Jumpstart Lab Team is now up to six and I couldn’t be more excited for the future.

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