Announcing gSchool!

With LivingSocial’s first Hungry Academy class in the books, we’re turning our attention to creating a tuition-based long-term developer training school in Colorado.

We met with Chris Onan and Jim Deters from Denver’s Galvanize and learned about their approach to creating an innovation ecosystem: Community, Capital, and Curriculum. To launch their new space and catalyze Denver’s technical community, we’re bringing the Curriculum.

Applications are open now for our first class which will kickoff in January 2013. We’re looking for 24 passionate, hard-working individuals to join us for six months of intense technical training.


You’ll work with the Jumpstart Lab team and your classmates all the way from the basics of Ruby syntax, through web applications with Sinatra, and into basic Rails. And that’s only the first 8 weeks. From there we dive into scaling applications, breaking monolithic apps into a services-oriented design, and building professional JavaScript front-ends with Backbone and Ember. The whole time you’re practicing TDD, BDD, agile development, along with learning how to be a great part of a technical team.

The class tuition is $20K. We’re so confident in your success, though, that if you graduate from the program we’ll guarantee that we find you a quality job offer in three months, or your entire tuition is refunded.

Hop over to for all the details. Hope to see you in January!

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