Heroku is a fantastic tool for provisioning and deploying applications quickly. But there’s more to it than heroku create myapp. Do you know how to design, monitor, and scale those applications?

In this course we’ll build your understandings of the platform architecture, explore tools and concepts to improve your application, and how to bring it all together.

What You’ll Learn

In this training course, you'll use an actual Ruby/Rails application and study:

  • The Platform: How does Heroku work? How does that architecture affect your process?
  • Customizing Deployment: Tweak your tools, stack, and create a repeatable, reliable deployment process
  • Designing for Scale: More than turning up the dynos, how do you architect your application to take advantage of the platform?
  • Things Go Wrong: How to prepare for and diagnose problems.
  • Lessons In Context: Explore your problem domain, your application, and find how to apply these concepts

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What’s In a Class?

This is not “sit back and watch slides” — all Jumpstart Lab courses are hands-on. We work with real applications and you’ll implement these tools and techniques yourself. By the end of the week, you’ll have real experience, real skills, and real code to reference.

Who’s this for?

This course is built for teams of experienced developers who feel comfortable with Ruby, Rails, and the fundamentals of deploying web applications.

Who we are

We have the most experienced instructional team in the Ruby/JS world. Learn more about us.

  • Nick Gauthier
  • Jeff Casimir
  • Franklin Webber
  • Katrina Owen
  • Steve Klabnik

As always, this class is backed by our 110% money-back guarantee.

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Jumpstart Lab offers training in fundamental, intermediate, and advanced levels of Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone.js, ExtJS, HTML5/CSS3, and Git. Email contact@jumpstartlab.com for more information or checkout the courses page.



Our instructors come to you and teach five full days 9AM to 4PM. We can accomodate anywhere from 4 to 24 attendees.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Understanding the Platform

  • Setup for experimentation
  • Understanding Heroku’s architecture
  • How deployment works
  • Automatically scaling dynos
  • Understanding where applications go wrong

Customizing Your Deployment

  • Managing application configuration and credentials
  • Configuration-level customizations
  • Creating custom buildpacks
  • Executing arbitrary jobs on deploy
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

Designing Your Application for Scale

  • Architecting a system of applications
  • Aggregating logs across multiple coordinating apps
  • Extracting background jobs
  • Extracting micro-applications
Thursday Friday

Things Go Wrong

  • Automating backups to S3
  • Monitoring application health
  • Automating disaster response
  • Rolling back deployment

Your Applications

  • Big picture Q&A
  • Dive into your applications together
  • What if we want to…?


Pricing for this course is $20K to cover the first six attendees, $1300 for each additional attendee over six, and $1500 per instructor for travel. Classes of 12 or fewer are run by one instructor, 12-24 have two instructors.

Public Class

We’re measuring interest in offering this as a public, one-person-buys-one-ticket public class. It'd ideally be in-person, but might take place online. If you’re interested, please send an email to public_heroku@jumpstartlab.com and tell us where you’re located.

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