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Ruby on Rails has many features to build powerful applications. Intermediate rails developers use them daily to unleash the full potential of their apps.

In this course you will learn intermediate features in Rails. You will build an application using RSpec to drive your development. You will create view templates with Haml and Sass. You will build reusable view code with helpers and partials. You will learn how to keep your controllers and your models lean. You will learn how to manage authentication and authorization. You will create server and client-side validation.

By the end of this course, you will be able to apply your new-gained knowledge to real-world projects.

What You’ll Learn

In this course you will learn how to build intermediate Rails apps.

  • Testing with RSpec to drive your development
  • Creating view templates with Haml and Sass
  • Building reusable view code with helpers and partials
  • Refactoring models and controllers
  • Managing authentication and authorization
  • Server and client-side validations

What’s in a Class?

This is not "sit back and watch slides" — all Jumpstart Lab courses are hands-on. We work with real applications and you’ll implement these tools and techniques yourself. By the end of the class, you’ll have real experience, real skills, and real code to reference.

Who’s this for?

This course is built for developers who feel comfortable with Ruby and Rails or a similar language/framework pair. This course is not for novice developers.

What equipment is needed?

For this session you'll need:

  • a computer with Mac OS or Linux (Windows users can setup Linux in a virtual machine)
  • Ruby 2.0 and Rails 4.0 installed

Detailed setup instructions will be sent out a week before the class takes place.

Who we are

We have the most experienced instructional team in the Ruby/JS world. Learn more about us.

  • Nick Gauthier
  • Jeff Casimir
  • Franklin Webber
  • Katrina Owen
  • Steve Klabnik

As always, this class is backed by our 110% money-back guarantee.

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Jumpstart Lab offers training in fundamental, intermediate, and advanced levels of Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone.js, ExtJS, HTML5/CSS3, and Git. Email for more information or checkout the courses page.



This in-person or online class runs across five days of two sessions each.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Intermediate Rails Models

  • Testing Models with RSpec
  • Custom Validations
  • Polymorphic Associations
  • Model Callbacksli>

Refactoring Views and Controllers

  • Refactoring Controllers
  • Controller Tests
  • Refactoring Views using Helpers and Partials


  • OAuth Protocol
  • Third-Party Authentication
  • Using Factories


Pricing for this course is $1,199 per attendee with a maximum of 12 participants.

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Private / On-Site Course

This course can also be run as a dedicated course for your team, either online or on-site. Send an email to and tell us whether you're interested in online or in person, how many participants you expect, and a bit about what kind of work you're doing. We'll get right back to you with a quote and customized plan.


Jeff Casimir is the Principal at Jumpstart Lab, has been teaching Ruby and Rails since 2005, and tells awesome jokes. He's conducted training for our largest clients, small teams, and many individuals.

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